by Timothy Snyder

"A must read for every young adult contemplating life after high school!"


Whether you're going to college, already finishing up college, or you're skipping college altogether, this book is for you.

This is the largely untold story of life after high school.

After graduating with a four-year degree, I experienced the worst two years of my life. Turns out I wasn't alone.

I was a part of a generation that was told to go to college first and ask questions later. And most of us didWe chased the promise of a big, shiny future, only to be chased by the mistakes of our past.

But this is not a book of privileged millennial complaints. It's a collection of wisdom gained in unpleasant ways. It's a story of hardship, failure, victory, and perseverance. It’s all the things we wish someone had just told us. And it's told by people who went to college and people who didn't.

This is the wild, painful, awkward, hilarious, depressing, & beautiful journey from youth to maturity.

This is the "college book" that no one ever gave us.


"This really should be in the hands of every person considering college or even just contemplating life after high school."

"This book really opened my eyes to see how life can be after high school if I am not purposefully making decisions for my life. I now have a better understanding on this thing called "college" and what questions are really important to be asking. This book is a tool every parent should want their kid to use"

"Anyone who has experienced life can relate to and make connections with the experiences and stories that are shared in this book. That College Book is insightful, inspirational, as well as humorous. The message of hope prevails throughout the book."

"An excellent read. Very easy to keep turning the page and the stories are great. A must-read for not only those nearing college age, but for those that love good life stories."

"This really should be in the hands of every person considering college or even just contemplating life after high school."




Worried this is going to be another boring, generic, irrelevant book about someone telling you what you should do with the rest of your life?

We don't blame you. 

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Why Some People Don’t Go to College Right After High School


Growing up in a small-town, middle-class family, college was never an “if”. It was always a “when”.
As in, when you graduate from high school, you immediately go to college. Doing anything else was reserved exclusively for soon-to-be rockstars, all-star athletes going pro*, and people who liked to make terrible life decisions.

After all, most people who take a year off from college never end up going at all. At least, that’s what I was told. I never bothered to find the truth. I just knew I needed to go to college immediately.

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Should Young Adults File Their Own Taxes? Here’s Why I Do.


Taxes aren’t something you really worry about when you’re dependent on your parents/guardians/overlords. If you have a job, you get your little tax form at the end of the year, you hand that over to whoever takes care of the family business, and hopefully, you get some money back.

Then a few moons pass, and suddenly, you’re an independent. You are now responsible for getting your taxes taken care of.

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What are You Waiting For?


There’s a lot of waiting involved in growing up. You wait until your tall enough, coordinated enough, pretty enough, smart enough, old enough to do these things you want to do.

Your possibilities are limited by the stage of life you’re in.

But year by year, those things you’ve been waiting for start to arrive….

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Choosing Classes Freshman Year


As a freshman in college, you have a lot to figure out: your major, your friends, your hangout spots, your identity. Some people even decide to start going by a different name their freshman year of college. It’s kind of weird, but hey, you do you. You’re on an adventure at a new place, and […] Read More

How Do Student Loans Work? Parents and Students Aren’t Sure…


THAT COLLEGE BOOK THAT COLLEGE BOOK How Do Student Loans Work? Students (and Even Parents) Aren’t Sure… Timothy Snyder Heading into college, I didn’t understand anything about loans. I had never had one. I had never experienced debt. The entire concept made little sense to me. And yet, one of my very first actions upon […] Read More

Juggling Multiple Loans? Calculate Your Future with


Figuring out how to pay off your debt isn’t just disheartening. It’s kind of a pain. You have to gather all the data, run calculations, and even then, you’re left with one-dimensional numbers. Now, one of the smartest things I did in the past year was to finally write out all of my financial information. […] Read More

What is College Graduation Really Like?


I thought college graduation would be cool, fun, and exciting, like high school graduation but more cinematic and sexy. For many, it’s the exact opposite.

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Digit: The FREE App That Makes ‘Saving’ Easier Than You Ever Thought it Could Be


Saving your money is smart, but it’s not fun. It’s not sexy. And generally, it’s not easy. Between taxes and bills, so much of your income is already taken away. The last thing you feel like doing is cutting another chunk out and hiding it away in some account that you’re not supposed to touch. It’s […] Read More

Do I Say Yes or No? The Struggle of Decision Making


In any given day, you can only say yes to so many things. A yes carries a commitment. It requires follow through. Are you interested in hearing more? Yes. Do you want to go with me to the pants store? Yes. These answers consume time and energy. On the other hand, you have unlimited no’s. […] Read More

The Day I Decided to Pay Off My College Debt


It’s surprisingly easy to live with debt. If you have a steady job and a manageable monthly payment, you start to forget it’s even there. Like so many of my peers, I graduated college with a nice chunk of debt. Above the national average of $37,000 (though still less than many other people I knew). […] Read More

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