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Should Young Adults File Their Own Taxes? Here’s Why I Do.

Taxes aren’t something you really worry about when you’re dependent on your parents/guardians/overlords. If you have a job, you get your little tax form at the end of the year, you hand that over to whoever takes care of the family business, and hopefully, you get some money back. Then a few moons pass, and suddenly, you’re an independent. You are now responsible for getting your taxes taken care of.

Digit: The FREE App That Makes ‘Saving’ Easier Than You Ever Thought it Could Be

Saving your money is smart, but it’s not fun. It’s not sexy. And generally, it’s not easy. Between taxes and bills, so much of your income is already taken away. The last thing you feel like doing is cutting another chunk out and hiding it away in some account that you’re not supposed to touch. It’s […]