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Why Some People Don’t Go to College Right After High School

Growing up in a small-town, middle-class family, college was never an “if”. It was always a “when”. As in, when you graduate from high school, you immediately go to college. Doing anything else was reserved exclusively for soon-to-be rockstars, all-star athletes going pro*, and people who liked to make terrible life decisions. After all, most people who take a year off from college never end up going at all. At least, that’s what I was told. I never bothered to find the truth. I just knew I needed to go to college immediately.

Should Young Adults File Their Own Taxes? Here’s Why I Do.

Taxes aren’t something you really worry about when you’re dependent on your parents/guardians/overlords. If you have a job, you get your little tax form at the end of the year, you hand that over to whoever takes care of the family business, and hopefully, you get some money back. Then a few moons pass, and suddenly, you’re an independent. You are now responsible for getting your taxes taken care of.